"The Cameron County Criminal Defense Association wishes to congratulate BRUCE THARPE for his success in obtaining a 'Not Guilty' verdict for his client in the 357th District Court. Bruce's innocent client faced a lengthy prison sentence for sexual assault charges. In a system where over 95% of cases are handled through pleas, verdicts such as these are rare." 

I am an attorney and investigator with 30 years of experience.

I have successfully represented clients throughout the United States.
I was one of the first U.S. attorneys to defeat the U.S. government in an Amparo, a Mexican criminal procedure that takes place when the United States files an Extradition Request. 

I have the skill and confidence to take cases to trial, successfully present my client’s case to the Judge or Jury, and WIN! 

I see too many trench deaths in the papers. My own father, Donald Corrigan, died that way August 25, 1956. I was nine at the time and there were eight children in our family. I was the oldest. I only wish people like you were around back then. Please help the surviving family, because the pain never goes away.

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As a former first-chair felony prosecutor, I have had hundreds of jury trials on all types of criminal cases, from DWI to Capital Murder!

Defense attorneys have the duty to hold the government to the highest standard of care in their presentation of evidence against clients.

Our firm has successfully represented clients from China, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Brazil, Poland, Germany and Africa.

The choice of an attorney in a wrongful death case is a very important decision. For a quarter century, I have represented the families of injured and deceased persons.

We can help you obtain a cash settlement to cover the cost of medical treatment and to compensate you for the suffering and loss incurred as a result of another's negligence.

A big topic of discussion in the cannabis industry is the deschedulization, or reschedulization, of cannabis from a Schedule I illegal substance.

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