What If Cannabis Gets Into the Hands of Children?

The Washington Post recently published an article about the increasing number of pets that are being taken to the vet after accidentally eating their owner’s stash of cannabis.

Certainly, this can’t be a recent occurrence (or somehow tied to the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado and elsewhere). But the more alarming question this raises is: What if cannabis gets into the hands of children?

Again, this isn’t the first time that children have found their parents’ marijuana and taken it to school with them where they got caught. But the rise of commercially packaged cannabis, legally sold at dispensaries, provides a new opportunity for litigation that a business must protect itself against.

A Huge Target for Litigation

Edibles come in all forms: Brownies, crackers, lollypops, gummy bears, lifesaver-shaped gummies, etc. If a child comes into contact with one of these edibles and accidentally eats one, mistaking it for candy, that’s where injuries and damages occur and lawsuits result.

Packaging and labeling are critical issues with regard to the production of edibles and must be done properly, or this is a huge target for litigation. We expect adults to treat cannabis like any other type of dangerous medication and keep it out of the reach of children, but there will always be that one person who fails to do that, and blames a tragic accident on someone other than themselves.

Be Prepared for Litigation!

That’s why as a corporation, especially in the cannabis industry, you must be prepared for litigation. Protect yourself and be ready for litigation if it happens. Step number one is associating your company with a top law firm.

THARPE LAW and ONRETAINER.CO exclusively serve the cannabis community in Colorado and beyond:

  • We will protect your company by getting to know you and your staff personally and performing an onsite inspection.
  • We will complete an extensive checklist to understand your business intimately and understand what types of legal risks it may face.
  • We will perform an initial liability analysis of your premises and discuss ways to limit your exposure to lawsuits, and be ready to file an answer in your defense immediately if someone files a lawsuit against you.
  • In the unfortunate event that one of your employees gets arrested for any reason, THARPE LAW and ONRETAINER.CO will immediately step in to negotiate bond and provide an expert assessment of the case.

Please call us immediately to schedule an appointment if you would like to discuss how we can assist your company.

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