Undercover Operations at Retail Marijuana Stores

Recently it came to the attention of ONRETAINER.CO and THARPE LAW that the Pueblo County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office conducted undercover operations recently at several retail marijuana stores in Pueblo, after receiving “multiple complaints” that underage individuals were being sold cannabis.

One retail marijuana store allegedly sold marijuana concentrate to an underage individual acting in an undercover capacity.

Three employees were issued a court summons and a Notice of Violation will be forwarded to the State Licensing Board.

It isn’t surprising that our dispensaries are being targeted by authorities—especially in Pueblo—whose city has on its ballot a measure that would allow its citizens to vote to prohibit marijuana within its city limits.

Talk about going backward—after all the progress Colorado has made!

It is very suspicious to me that the undercover sting was launched after receiving “multiple complaints” that underage individuals were being sold marijuana.

Multiple complaints by who? The same people or group who got the prohibition initiative on the ballot in Pueblo?

Sounds like a setup to me.

Bottom Line for Retail Marijuana Stores

Bottom line is: Retail marijuana stores have to expect spot inspections such as these and be ready for them.

You must make sure that your dispensary staff is properly trained with regard to checking IDs and that a regular protocol is always followed.

Videotaping everything that happens on the premises of your retail marijuana store not only improves security—it also proves that your employees are doing things by the book.

Step one is partnering with a strong attorney who can help you prevent legal issues from happening, and be ready to tackle them in the event a legal issue arises.

THARPE LAW and ONRETAINER.CO can help your company with that at a very reasonable price.

Call today to schedule an appointment!

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