State Criminal Defense

As a former first-chair felony prosecutor, I have had hundreds of jury trials on all types of criminal cases, from DWI to Capital Murder!

I have the knowledge, experience, and skills to expertly assess the State’s case against a client to determine if enough evidence exists to support an indictment.

I have worked with the U.S. Attorney’s offices as well as District Attorney’s offices, defending clients throughout Texas and elsewhere.

When reason and diplomacy don’t work with a prosecutor, I have the skill and confidence to take cases to trial, successfully present my client’s case to the Judge or Jury, and WIN!

What to do if you’re arrested

State Criminal Defense FAQs

When someone becomes embroiled in a criminal law matter, many questions need to be answered.

Questions you may have include:

  • What if I want a trial? What does that entail?
  • What is the evidence against me?
  • What if I just want to plead Guilty?
  • What if I am already on probation?
  • What if the police arrested me, but didn’t advise me of my rights?
  • Is there any possibility of me going to jail?

Visit our Criminal Defense FAQs page for answers to these and many other questions.