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Immigration Defense
We Fight Deportation!  


We Represent Clients With Immigration Issues All Over the United States.

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If a family member or friend has been detained and is facing deportation, there may be something we can do to prevent removal from the U.S.
If you are detained, don't sign anything without an attorney! Many people have been tricked or pressured into consenting to Voluntary Removal. 
We have obtained bonds for detained clients and have been successful in preventing deportation, even for people who have been arrested. 

Justice - We Insist On It! 
   Soluciones Legales   

Applications for Asylum; Waivers, Cancellation and Withdrawal of Removal.
Derivative Citizenship Claims; Convention Against Torture (CAT) Protection.
Legal Permanent Residency (Green Cards); U.S. Citizenship; Visa Applications. 

We have over 28 years of experience: 

If you are deported from the US, it will be much more difficult to obtain legal re-entry than if you fight deportation before it happens.


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